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Nob Hill   San Francisco

Welcome to Tahona Mercado

We are a bottle shop and specialty market on Nob Hill and are so happy to be opening our doors to you! We are part of a growing family of brands that began in San Diego, expanded to Baja Mexico and now to the Bay Area.

Our mission is to educate and give reverence to the complexity and beauty of the Mexican culture through its most iconic beverage, mezcal. During these tumultuous times we couldn’t think of a better antidote to what ails you than a “trip” to Mexico for some of your favorite, or soon to be favorite, mezcales and Mexican inspired food offerings.


Craft Spirits
• Beer • Wine

It's always a good idea to sip on Mexican spirits. From the diverse range of agave spirits like Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla and Bacanora to up and coming rum and whiskey producers, it has never been a better time to explore.

Let us be your guide as you navigate through this large cultural category. We carry an extensive list of our favorite craft spirits as well as a unique selection of wine and beers, many of which come from Mexico.


We have carefully curated some of our favorite Mexican inspired food offerings from the Bay Area and beyond . From tamales to tortas, chapulines to chocolate, breads and pastries, chips and dips, local cheeses, and fresh produce—it’s all here.

We are proud to collaborate with the non-profit La Cocina to feature specialty dishes and products produced by women entrepreneurs as well as products and produce from local businesses that we love.


Mezcal Tasting Experiences

Exploring one of the most complex spirits in the world is something that should be done in great company.

We offer a variety of tasting experiences where you can learn about the production, flavor profiles, and stories behind some of the best small batch producers in Mexico.

We host immaculate chef's table dinners where up and coming chefs from around the Bay Area pair their signature dishes with mezcal. We can come to your home, office, or event and offer a formal or informal tasting experience. The possibilities are endless!

Our events are both fun and informative and whether you are a novice or mezcal pro you are certain to have a great time and learn something new!

When you sign up for a class you will be sent a tasting kit that will include one ounce pours of three different expressions from a featured brand. The class is both fun and informative and you will connect with mezcal lovers and learners from around the country.